What Others Are Saying…

“There are a lot of drum teachers out there, but few real educators. Mike is one of them. His lessons are enjoyable, extremely well prepared, and very interesting. I’m glad I found him.”

Mike B.
Age 42

“Mike’s approach to teaching addresses my unique needs. After not playing for 20 years, he has helped me reconnect to a lost passion with ease.

A great groove + a wealth of knowledge = Mike, a wonderful drum teacher!”

Marvin M.
Age 29

“Mike Veny is a one of a kind music teacher! My son is encouraged to have fun and experiment, yet at the same time Mike stresses professionalism and true musicianship! My son has excelled under his instruction.”

Heather F.
Proud Mom

“Mike is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He is a great drummer and always tries to challenge me.”

Age 11