Learn How to Play Drums

Are You Ready to Learn How to Play the Drums Like a Pro
Right from the Comfort of Your Own Home?

No Long Commute … No Embarrassment of Having to Learn to Play in Front of Others …
No Short Lesson Times That Have You Quitting Right When You

Are Getting Warmed Up … Now You Can Learn to Play the Drums Anytime You Want!

Did you know that you don’t have to journey out in the cold or rain, then battle traffic to get to your drum teacher only to have your brief lesson end right when you are getting warmed up?

Did you know that you can now learn how to play the drums right in the comfort of your own home?

It’s true.

There are now two amazing systems that actually teach you everything you need to know
to play the drums.

The two systems are:

Here’s more information about each system:

Learn and Master Drums with Dan Sherrill (affiliate link) is designed to guide you from the very basics of setting up the drumset all the way to expert playing techniques. Unlike some courses or private instruction, you’ll begin playing popular songs right away and then develop your skills with a simple step-by-step progression.

Learn and Master Drums with Dan Sherrill (affiliate link)consists of 12 DVDs, 5 play-along CDs and a 100+ page lesson book, all crammed with in-depth instruction, clear demonstrations, and popular songs you already know. You’ll also gain full access to an online resource center where Dann Sherrill will answer your questions and where you can also post your profile, track your progress, chat with other students, and download all kinds of extra resources.

Meanwhile, Mike Michalkow’s Complete Drumming System (affiliate link) contains everything you need to progress from complete beginner to seasoned professional. Some of the key topics the system covers include: how to play by ear, how to practice efficiently, music theory and notation, hand technique, drum rudiments, foot techniques, punk rock, heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock, grunge rock, progressive rock, folk rock, classic rock, country, odd-time, blues, funk, reggae, shuffles, jazz, Latin, drum fills, dynamic drumming, how to build speed, drum setup, tuning, gear tips, playing live gigs, studio drumming, drum soloing, and jamming with drum play-along songs!

You get 20 jam-packed instructional DVDs with over 30 hours of detailed video training, 15 play-along CDs with over one hundred unique play-along songs, 5 spiral-bound workbooks jam packed with lesson charts, and FREE bonus content that’s only available for a limited time.

So Which System is Right for You?

The truth is they are both great systems and only you can really determine which is a better fit for you.

For a FREE test-drive of the Drumming System (affiliate link), you can download the Practice Routine Generator.

Click here (affiliate link) to sign up for a FREE test-drive of Learn and Master Drums with Dan Sherrill (affiliate link).

Learn and Master Drums with Dan Sherrill
(affiliate link)

How to Drum with Learn & Master Drums

Mike Michalkow’s Complete Drumming System
(affiliate link)

How to Drum with Mike Michalkow's Drumming System

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