The Best Quiet Practice Drum Set

Drummers don’t have it easy. Practicing and keeping the volume low is a unique challenge every drummer will face at one point or another. Although many options are available for keeping the volume level low, I am still on the quest for the perfect “quiet drum set“.

Initially, I tried using drum mutes and cymbal mutes on a standard drum set. They felt unnatural and had no rebound.  I felt that it made me work harder and I would end up playing very tensely. Drum mutes and cymbal mutes have improved in recent years. If you want to make your acoustic drums quiet, these are be your best choice. I highly recommend Vic Firth Drum & Cymbal Mutes (affiliate link).

Just a side note: One of my drum teachers (who shall remain nameless) actually put briefs (underwear) over the cymbals to mute them. As entertaining as it was, it kinda worked.

A few years ago, I discovered mesh drumheads, which are extremely quiet drum heads. They were similar to the heads used on electronic drums. I liked them because you could actually hear the tones of the different drums. Although they were great for keeping the volume low, I easily broke though the heads on a regular basis.

I currently practice at home on a Gibraltar GPo8 Powerrack Pad Outfit (affiliate link). It takes up a small amount of space. I had to purchase a separate bass drum pedal and drum throne. I also added a hi-hat cymbal stand, hi-hat cymbals, and a hi-hat mute to use with the Gibraltar GPo8 Powerrack Pad Outfit (affiliate link). This has given me quiet practice setup that emulates an actual acoustic drum set.

Practicing on the Gibraltar GPo8 Powerrack Pad Outfit (affiliate link) combined with using my acoustic drums has actually helped me to make some significant improvements in my drumming. The drum pad set forces me to focus on precision and to really visualize the sounds that I want to come out of the instrument. When I practice on my acoustic drum set, I get to refine the sounds and feels that I have worked on at home.

Another choice is an electronic drum set. Electronic drum sets allow you practice quietly, but get real drum sounds. In fact, electronic drums made by Roland and Yamaha sound like acoustic drums. I am partial to Roland, because they feel more like acoustic drums in comparison to Yamaha.

Keep in mind that most electronic drum sets don’t come with a drum throne or bass drum pedal. The best part of having a drum set like this is that you can plug in your headphones and play all night long without disturbing any of your neighbors. There’s even a place to plug an iPod in so you can jam with your favorite music.

If you want the best electronic drum set available,invest in the
Roland TD20SX V-Pro Electronic Drum Set
(affiliate link).

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  1. What is your opinion for the pearl traveler set for a beginner who needs to keep the volume down relatively low? I don’t exactly whale on my percussion instruments, so would you say it is just your playing style or the drum heads are just poorly made? A response would be appreciated. Thank you for your article!

    • Hey Nick,

      Thanks for reaching out. I got back from Vegas yesterday. Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away.

      I guess the Pearl Rhythm Traveler would be an ok set.

      Those mesh heads were poorly made even when I played light jazz. I had to constantly tighten them.

      Depending on how much you plan to use it, it might be a good set.

      Currently, that DW practice kit has been amazing for me. I’ve gotten more practice done on that then when I had a drum set in my parents basement as a kid.

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  2. Nice site. Recently received an almost new Tama Rockstar 5 pc as a gift from a client. It has been 20 years since I have played. I am really loving it. My issue is my neighbors are quite close. I do have the Vic Firth mutes which are not too bad. I do want to play without them at times however. There are so many different styles of cymbals nowadays. Can you recommend a quieter cymbal? The ones that came with the kit are very heavy rock cymbals. Nice but overkill for me. I was thinking some splashes and small crashes? Thanks for your time.

    • Cymbals – this is a difficult issue. One of my drum teachers used to by underwear (men's breifs) to put on his cymbals. This would mute it enough to play it and still here some sound and retain some of the feel. It's probably more necessary for the crashes and splashes.Also, I've seen those new cymbals that have holes in them for less volume. Might be worth looking into.

  3. Please send me a link to this "Zildjian" drum set. I thought they only made cymbals, cymbal accessories, and drumsticks.

  4. Mike, your response makes you sound like a dick. So the kid made a mistake. BFD.


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