Drum Rudiment System 2.0. with Lionel Duperron Review

As a drummer with a rudimental background, rudiments come out in everything that I play. Despite years of marching band, drum corps, private lessons, and practice, applying the rudiments to the drum set is a constant creative challenge for me.

I’ll never forget that rainy day. I decided to stay home all day and watch the entire Drum Rudiment System (affiliate link). One of the great aspects of the this course is that the instructor, Lionel Duperron, constantly reminds you to think critically and do what’s comfortable for you.

The Drum Rudiment System (affiliate link) is a great professional drum course. It covers all 40 international drum rudiments. Everything is slowed down for you in the beginning of the video. The rudiments and exercises are demonstrated at a variety of camera angles. Lionel emphasizes the sequence of each rudiment and how to master it.

I had only two complaints: In my opinion, the course doesn’t go into stick grip and motions to a deep enough level. I also didn’t like is that he didn’t give the name variations of each rudiment.

For a course on how to play drums, I would not recommend this. Parts of it are good if you are learning drums for the first time. A more thorough drum course, such as, Learn and Master Drums with Dan Sherrill (affiliate link) or Mike Michalkow’s Complete Drumming System (affiliate link) would be better for a you, if you are a beginner. The Drum Rudiment System (affiliate link) is a great supplement to either of these drum courses.

As a professional studio drummer, it was a great refresher for me and it showed me some great ideas in regards to how to apply the rudiments to the drum set. I will definitely revisit this course in the future.

It’s more than worth the price for once reason: the sheer quantity of information!

Learn more about the Drum Rudiment System (affiliate link).


How to Become a Professional Drummer and Find Jobs, Part 1

First of all, let me say that I am a happy, working professional studio drummer and I love every aspect of my work. I have four core beliefs that have led me to have success as a professional drummer:

  1. Stay true to yourself and you will be happy.
  2. Music is an untapped gold mine. Drummer jobs are out there. Great money can be made, if you believe it can be. Like any business, there is no exact formula to follow. In fact, that’s the beauty of it.
  3. If you want to make money, then you have to see yourself as a business that provides a drumming service, not a drummer trying to find a work. If that makes you uncomfortable, angry, or is a turn off, then you probably won’t be successful at making money as a drummer.

I’ve learned to apply my core beliefs by working On my business, not just In my business.

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